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Today (Jan. 13) in New York City, Steve Harvey met with Donald Trump. The comedian said Cheeto Jesus was “sincere” and said he was called in to discuss helping inner cities. 

Harvey said he also met with Uncle Ben Carson and is planning to help out cities like Chicago and Detroit.

“They have a plan for the inner cities but they need some help and so that’s why they called me. So we’ll see what I can do,” said Harvey in the lobby of Trump Tower.

Because, all Black people live in the inner-cities. #Sarcasm

Also, there is nothing sincere about Donald Trump. Except his desire to fatten his bank accounts. Harvey also said he wants to get Trump and the Obamas on Family Feud. For real.

So needless to say, besides alt-right flunkies and devout conservatives, Harvey is getting fried on these Internets.

Like we said, the jigaboos and coons are bigging this up. See:

However, most of us see the jig loud and clear. Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself below and on the following pages.

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