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Finally, somebody with some sense. Ex-NBA player Kenyon Martin has denied 50 Cent’s claims that he will be fighting on the undercard of the Chris Brown and Soulja Boy fight.

As the load of BS that is the Chris Brown and Soulja Boy fight continues to roll down hill and get bigger, someone who has been connected to the show has finally stepped up to speak out against it.

Former NBA All-Star Kenyon Martin was reportedly booked to fight longtime nemesis Tim Thomas in a undercard fight for the main event. 50 Cent, who is hyping up the fight announced that the fight was official and happening. Apparently, Martin himself wasn’t notified of it and he doesn’t really appreciate his name being dragged into the pending mess.

At the press conference for Ice Cube’s new BIG3 league, that Martin will be playing in this summer, Billboard asked the former #1 NBA Draft Pick if he was looking forward to the fight. To that, he urged the reporter, “Don’t be part of the circus, dog.”

He continued, “You know what they say if you entertain clowns, right? If you entertain clowns, you become part of the circus. I’m a 39-year-old grown-ass man, dog. If that was going to happen, I would have took care of it seven years ago. I moved on. I got kids at home. I don’t got time for that. It’s childish. It’s just people reaching for something to talk about. I’m not gonna entertain that.”

Both Martin and Thomas moved on from their early 2000s beef years ago, but it was drummed back up when Thomas suggested that duke it out for charity in an interview last May.

With Martin shutting this down and the CB vs SB fight looking like it won’t happen either, 50 Cent is looking real funny in the light.

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