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2 Chainz was asked to perform at the Trump inauguration, but he explains why he will not be taking part.

Team Trump is having a hard time booking entertainers for his inauguration celebrations. One, Trump has managed to offend just about everybody under the sun, so it would be a bad look, especially for African-Americans to appear as if one is condoning his actions. Just look at how people like Kanye West and Steve Harvey get roasted just for talking to the man. Two, no one wants to end up on Snoop Dogg’s “Uncle Tom” list.

So as the big day nears, Team Trump is scrambling to get an A-lister to bless them. 2 Chainz was one of the artists on their list. But according to a recent Instagram post, he swiftly told them no thanks. has revealed that he was approached, but

In the clip, 2 Chainz admits that he’s kind of salty that he was never invited to the White House during Obama’s time there. Who can blame him, so many of his rap peers ranging from Kendrick Lamar to Rick Ross got an invite while he had to sit back and watch them flick it up for the ‘gram. But, as bad as he’d like to go to the White House, he says the trip will have to wait.

He says:

“So I usually just leave a lot of s**t to myself. I wanted to go to The White House. I never got invited. I seen all them beautiful pics of everybody going to all these parties. I just wanted to say what’s up to Barack. We all came from a troubled past, but I seen him give people some really big chances. But anyway it didn’t happen, and I’m cool with that. But then Trump and them calls management, and I know they only doing this ’cause they can’t get nobody else. They want me to perform for the inauguration. I had to say ‘nah.’ No matter how much money it was. I probably won’t be going to The White House no time soon.”

With Trump taking office, we’re sure White House tourism in general is about to take a hit.