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Big Sean stopped by The Tonight Show to share some insight about the direction of his new album.

With his new album slated to drop on Feb. 3, Big Sean stopped by The Tonight Show to explain the concept behind it.

The cover features a photo of two homes, with what appears to be two neighbors standing outside next to their cars. But Sean reveals that it’s actually two versions of him, one younger, the other older.

“This is me, and this is an older version of me,” Sean explained. “The story of the album is: imagine you went through life and you made all the wrong decisions your whole life. You get to the end of your life and your at a moment where it’s like, ‘God, I did everything wrong. I didn’t work it out with the love of my life. I messed it up with my parents. I’m not doing the job I was sent here to do.’”

He concludes saying that the album is about getting one more shot to make the right decisions. Check out the rest of his interview where he talks about the first time he came to The Tonight Show and his upcoming performance on Saturday Night Live below.

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