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Showing people it’s okay to be a rapper that went to college, the new school duo known as the Kidz In The Hall are prepping their next album with Duck Down Records. Titled Land of Make Believe, their third official project is set to be released October 13.

In a trying economic time, this body of work gives people a chance to step back and remind everyone that it is necessary to analyze how they can strive to better themselves.

The Land Of Make Belive is different things for different people. For us it is the space between where we are now as artists and where we feel we should be. It’s the idea that until you actually get to your destination or goal you have to act like you are already there,” said Double-O.

Their current single in rotation is “Flickin” which is currently available on iTunes. In regards to the meaning behind the terms, both members have given their own respective definition behind their single.

“Flickin”’ is the idea that at any point in time something is photo-ready or picturesque. When I was younger it was used to describe a person’s car, shoes, haircut, or outfit. Any material possession with physical beauty,” said Naledge.

“Confidence is key,” Double-0 adds, “The song should make you feel good when you look in the mirror regardless of what you have on.”

School Was My Hustle and The In Crowd are the previous releases from the duo. The In Crowd produced the singles “Driving Down The Block” and “Love Hangover” which enabled the group to be propelled into the mainstream light.

Naledge recently stepped away to release his own solo mixtape/album titled, Chicago Picasso which served as a means for fans to be opened up to his solo material outside of his work with producer Double-O.

“The moment we have worked for has come to a crossroad. We strive for success in this music industry, but we have never taken time to look ourselves in the mirror and analyze what this industry has made us. As a lyricist, I used this album to serve as a soundtrack to my aspirations and to my downfalls, but also as a chance to evaluate who I am as a man compared to whom I envisioned myself to be.

Since we were backpackers on the first album and Hipsters on the second…I am interested to see what they’ll call us on this album…how about just Dope artists!,” stated Double-O.

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