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Killer Mike has gained another platform to get his points across. The Run The Jewels rapper will be hosting a podcast on Huffington Post about reconstruction. 

HuffPo has yet to make an official announcement about the upcoming show, but they did reveal plans for it in a feature about the Atlanta rapper. The yet-t0-be named show will cover modern reconstruction in America, comparing the era after the Civil War to the times we are living in now with President Trump beginning his tenure.

“Instead of worrying, just understand you’re going to be living in a Southern state for the next four years,” Mike recently told a crowd in Washington D.C. at a Run The Jewels show. “Your cousins who live in Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee or Florida ― you might wanna call ‘em.”

Killer Mike gives future listeners a dose of what to expect in the HuffPo interview when he offers advice to White liberals who are either afraid of Trump or looking to help marginalized communities that stand to suffer during his reign.

“Go outside of your white liberal, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant circle,” he said. “Go find other people and become a part of movements that you don’t lead. Go become a part of movements in which you have to learn from the people who have endured this ― since Reagan, since Nixon ― and you will start to see what they have had to do to thrive and survive. And you guys will learn and you guys will devise strategies together.”

He also encouraged Blacks to be patients with White folks who might not “get it” yet.

“It is up to us to express that ― and if you gotta write them off, if they just don’t get it, f*ck ‘em. Find another white friend to teach. But we cannot throw everyone out.”

Previously, Mike had a stint as a talk radio show host in Atlanta. He also co-hosts WRTJ on Beats 1 with his rhyme partner El-P.

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