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Be careful when you double tap on the ‘Gram, because the entire Internet is watching. India Love set a thirst trap for her 21st birthday, and Rick Ross got caught in the matrix.

India shared a few flesh exposing pics, and even kicked some mumbo jumbo in that caption some of y’all may have actually read.

The message on the first pic says:

How I came into this world: It wasn’t easy embracing big ass boobs at a young age while everyone around me wasn’t even developed yet. Ive always been so hard on myself for not having hips, or enough ass just because of the picture this generation paints of us Women. I’m now so proud to say that everything I’m not, Made me everything I am. I love me, with all of me. Being a Bold Confident Woman speaks Volumes in my life & it keeps my crown on straight & tight. #sorrynotsorry if this posts offends you. I can only be ME. forever

That’s cool and all, but no one paid attention.

They did take a gander of the top heavy…model?…socialite?…okay, we’re not sure what her “job” is if we’re keeping it a buck.

Shortly later, Ross got to double tapping, and Internet got to talking.

Peep all the evidence and reactions below and on the following pages.

Photo: Instagram

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