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This video was the Valentine’s Day gift nobody wanted.

Right when some of you were getting over not having a Valentine, The Scene dropped a video featuring two ex-lovers talking about infidelity. Matched with sad music and a gray background, this clip wound up being the very sad alternative to how people used to react on Jerry Springer when they caught their lover cheating on them.

This video had so many tears you may have had to wipe your computer screen. The man in the video, Leonard, is currently the most hated man on Twitter. Seeing as how he was bold enough to put his face out there like that, his p***y count should be plummetting at this point. His lowest blow came when he was asked how many times he cheated and replied, “I wasn’t counting.”

As for the girl, Kourtney, people are feeling sorry for her, but she has pretty much been branded for life with the nickname “hurt bae.”

With Leonard all but guaranteeing that he will probably never have another girlfriend in life and Kourney being branded as damaged, what did they really get out of filming this? Right now, the video has yet to crack 50,000 views. So hopefully, everyone on in the world doesn’t see this, allowing both of them to get fresh starts, somewhere.

UPDATE: “Hurt bae” is happy and in a relationship now.

Here’s how people are reacting.

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