While most people are keeping tabs on the sh*t storm that Donald Trump is creating for the Republican part in the White House, Hip-Hoppers are also monitoring the turmoil that’s engulfed the Diplomats for the past week.

The latest twist in the beef between Jim Jones and Cam’Ron came when Joe Budden threw in his two unnecessary cents in declaring he would’ve “F***ed up Cam’ron for copywriting Byrdgang.”

Joe Budden was responding to that epic Cam’Ron live stream that took place last weekend (Feb. 11) where Killa went into detail about his relationship with Jim Jones and how he took out the copyrights to Jim Jones’ “Byrdgang” label.

Almost as soon as Joey dropped his feelings on the situation, Cam responded to the post by apparently trying to reach out to Joe and then posting on his IG page the fact that Joe hadn’t opened his DM.

“Somebody wake Joey up.. Cause he ain’t gonna open my Dm. Despite what people think.. I got genuine love for capo. We know each other’s families.. It would never go there. (Not on my end) but u.. U can’t afford these problems.. U think ransom was at ya door..”

Afterwards Cam deleted the post and put up a new one saying “My apologies to joe just spoke to him..I jumped da gun.. My bad.. Brah much love to u and the misses.” The post also featured Joe’s latest voluptuous vixen, Cyn Santana, dancing to Cam’ron’s “Suck It Or Not.” Well, guess all’s well that ends well or whatever.

Photo: Instagram

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