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After being arrested on murder charges, a Texas struggle rapper figured it was time to start promoting his mixape.

23- year old Savawn Kyle displayed some “powerful niggatry” as Uncle Ruckus would say. San Antonio police arrested Kyle last week on capital murder charges. He is accused of fatally shooting another man, in the back of the head, outside of a convenience in October 2016. The shooting was captured on surveillance video and a Crime Stoppers tip helped police find and arrest Kyle.

While it may appear that Kyle is not having the best of luck with cameras, he’s taking all of the shine he can get right now. While being booked and taken to jail, news reporters tried to get some words from him. But instead of showing remorse or even claiming innocence, he promoted his mixtape.

When asked why he committed the heinous crime, he replied, “I ain’t worried about none of that sh*t. Y’all need to go get that mixtape, On The Run 1. Ya dig?”

Then he prompted a camera man to pan down to show off his entire outfit because he’s “the freshest n*gga to come to jail.”

Like we said, some “powerful niggatry” was indeed at work here. Kyle, who has a mixtape out, could face either life in prison or the death penalty.

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