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Dave Chappelle says that his upcoming Netflix specials on March 21 aren’t new, but that the streaming giant bought them from his vault.

In an interview with CBC, Chappelle spoke briefly about the two comedy specials. He says that they aren’t “new” but more like “new-to-you.” Chappelle says that Netflix bought two specials from his vault and that the most recent one was recorded at least a year ago. Chappelle returned to doing stand-up comedy full time in 2013, so it is likely that the two specials were recorded during one of his tours.

We shouldn’t have much to worry about though. People still watch Chappelle’s Show clips from 13 years ago and his Killin’ Them Softly HBO special from 2000 is still relevant today.

Late last year it was reported that he agreed to a new deal with Netflix where he would be delivering three specials. He says he is working on the third one now and that it could be out by the end of the year.

In other parts of the interview, Chappelle spoke on how he thinks Donald Trump is bad for comedy because so many comedians are telling the same jokes about him.

Watch for yourself below.

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