Ariane Bellamar, whom we’ll graciously refer to as an actress, made headlines this week after calling political commentator Van Jones a racial slur. Using the term “House N*gger” to call out Jones’ report on President Donald Trump taxes being released, Bellamar invited a firestorm of backlash yet claimed she is all about racial equality.

As part of a CNN report, Jones discussed details of President Trump’s tax returns from 2005 that were initially released in a report from MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow. Bellamar, who previously starred in the short-lived reality series Beverly Hills Nannies, tweeted in the wee hours of Wednesday (Mar. 15) morning.

She was reacting to Jones stating he didn’t expect President Trump to have followed the rule of law and actually paid taxes after it’s been growing chatter that the former business mogul didn’t do so.

“Why is @VanJones68 always playing the house n***er?! He is smart. Able. Ready. Stand up! Don’t settle for this undefinable nonsense. #RESIST,” said Bellamar in a now-deleted tweet. She then attempted to defend her use of the term, going so far as to say Drake allows her to say it and that they’re friends.

“I did not call Van Jones a n*gger. I said, clearly, that he should not allow himself to be used by the white media as a slave,” tweeted Bellamar later in the night after Twitter ripped her poor explanation for using the term apart.

Perhaps Bellamar thought her consistent bashing of President Trump and some of his policies gave her a false license to use the “N-Word” without checking herself.  She ended off her defense of using the world with another salvo that doesn’t make much sense.

“Using the word ‘n*gger’, when speaking about pop culture, does not make a racist. RACISM makes a RACIST. Hateful acts make up racism,” Bellamar said.


Anyway, check out some of the responses to Ariane Bellamar’s racist shot at CNN’s Van Jones on the following pages.


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