As previously reported, on Friday (Feb 5) Van Jones was a guest on The View, and things did not go well for him. The CNN political analyst got called out for hip flip-flopping opinions of Donald Trump, and it was quite entertaining for those tired of his tap-dancing antics on national television.

Jones, a CNN pundit and former aide to President Barack Obama, kept his involvement in Trump's police reform initiative secret.

The CNN contributor expressed his frustrations regarding the recent attack on Black lives by the likes of Cooper and the Minneapolis police, framing the acts as the results of a "virus" of racism.

Jay-Z television appearances are getting increasingly rare. But political analyst Van Jones managed to book Hova as the first guest on his brand new The Van Jones Show on CNN.

Van Jones is set to embark upon a nationwide tour that will offer a unique opportunity for activists on the front lines and the gatekeepers of culture to combine ideas and engage the public they hope to reach. The CNN commentator has partnered with Roc Nation for the WE RISE TOUR Power by #LoveArmy, which […]

When you think of Hip-Hop, you automatically think of the big homie, Van Jones, right? Well, if you aren’t doing that just yet, the CNN commentator has plans to change that perception.

Ariane Bellamar, whom we’ll graciously refer to as an actress, made headlines this week after calling political commentator Van Jones a racial slur. Using the term “House N*gger” to call out Jones’ report on President Donald Trump taxes being released, Bellamar invited a firestorm of backlash yet claimed she is all about racial equality.

Count Van Jones as among the few people that were impressed by President Donald Trump's joint address to the U.S. Congress Monday, an affair where the former business mogul largely managed to not embarrass himself. But what turned heads was the CNN contributor saying that President Trump could land himself two full terms in office if he continues performances of a similar sort in the future.

CNN political analyst Van Jones summed up the fear and angst many of us are feeling now that Donald Trump has been elected President. Donald, Trump.