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You just knew Van Jones couldn’t let a historic moment like a former President being indicted just go by without putting his tap dance shoe in his mouth. The known Op is getting cooked on Twitter after he caped for Donald Trump having to sit and listen to the judge during his arraignment.

By now you should know that Trump was charged with 34 felonies, and pled not guilty. Which is his right.

But Van Jones went out of his way to show sympathy for the racist and bigoted former POTUS known for tax evasion and acting like a whole donkey on social media—the receipts are out there.

“He looks sad, he looks like the weight of it is hitting him,” said Van Jones on CNN prior to the revealing of the charges. “Just as a human being, I don’t take joy…I don’t like the prison system…I don’t like this process … doesn’t mean that accountability is not owed, we don’t know what he is going to be charged wit…but at that moment that is not a conqueror, that is a granddad having a very bad day.”

Sounds like Jones wants to give Trump a hug. Trump is also the same guy who came for the presiding judge in the case’s daughter and wife. Does he feel bad about Alvin Bragg and his family being put in harm’s way? Also, it’s a safe bet Cheeto wouldn’t spit on Jones if he was on fire.

The audacity of Jones expressing the sads about the start of Donald Trump actually being held accountable for just some of his illegal activity quickly led to another slander session from Twitter. Jones should be used to this—like when it was revealed he worked on Trump’s police reform plan on the quiet.

Peep some of the best slander in the gallery.








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