You just knew Van Jones couldn’t let a historic moment like a former President being indicted just go by without putting his tap dance shoe in his mouth. The known Op is getting cooked on Twitter after he caped for Donald Trump having to sit and listen to the judge during his arraignment.


These are some interesting times we are all living in due to coronavirus. If you are a part of the working class then chances are you too will be seeking to be efficient while functioning remotely.


Sam Whiteout, who became famous as an onbeat-dancing member of the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., has flipped that fame into bags such as writing about Black America and our struggles. Whiteout, who is very lily white, wrote a piece titled “Popularizing Wokeness” and, as he deserves, is getting his alabaster ass baked like mom’s […]


Mary J. Blige is officially a single woman. The R&B singer’s divorce from her husband and former manager Kendu Isaacs has finally been finalized. 

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Today Nas’ debut LP Illmatic is regarded as an unadulterated Rap classic and is arguably the greatest Hip-Hop album ever recorded. Nasty Nas was considered the second coming of Rakim and his album was declared a classic months before it ever even surfaced by leading Rap publications like The Source and Rap Pages.

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Nicki Minaj has been forging a return to the game, spitting edgy bars as heard on her previous single “Lookin’ Ass Ni**a” which angered the family of Malcolm X AKA El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz over use his image. The Queens rapper joined forces with Chicago’s Lil Herb for the song “Chi-Raq” and threw a jab at the […]

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In Hip-Hop, the power undoubtedly falls with the youth. And that’s no diss to the veterans who remain viable figures in the game. But tools like social media and the like that were nowhere to be found during the culture’s humble beginnings have yet to be truly championed (or conquered) by any of Rap’s godfathers.

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Hip-Hop culture just celebrated it’s 40th anniversary earlier this week and shortly afterwards an interesting event happened that highlighted the disconnect between Rap listeners, Hip-Hop fans and its individual contributors & participants. There are those that are too young to remember when verses like Kendrick Lamar’s on Big Sean’s “Control” were a common occurrence and […]


While the music world and Hip Hop fans alike know how many songs have been able to become a smash hit, it’s even better when someone can do a full time jack move with a freestyle that makes some fans that the song should have belonged to that particular artist in the first place. Once […]