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Auntie Fee, a foul-mouthed South Los Angeles homemaker who went viral for her fried food cuisine and sass, has died. The YouTube star born Felecia O’Dell suffered a heart attack and passed away last Friday (March 17).

O’Dell hit the big time in 2014 when her son, Tavis Hunter, posted a video of her online to YouTube and took off from there. O’Dell’s Cooking With Auntie Fee show garnered fans from all walks of life, and she even managed to carve out endorsement and acting opportunities by way of the show.

In interviews, O’Dell addressed critics of hers who thought that the food she prepared in her kitchen was unhealthy and who also took umbrage at her use of profanity. O’Dell never toned down her act, and seemingly embraced the infamy that came with the success of the show. O’Dell turned the viral videos into a business model and sold goods via her website.

Hunter shared a heartbreaking video of his mother’s last moments, who continued her unique brand of trash talking all the way to the end. She said in the video that she loved her sons just in case she wasn’t going to pull through in the moving moment.

Auntie Fee was 59.

Photo: YouTube