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Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle were on the same stage, at the same time, in New Orleans this weekend. Witnesses say it was epic.

Rock headlined a three-night gig this past weekend at New Orleans’ Saenger Theatre. Openers included Jim Ross and Rosario Dawson’s boyfriend Eric Andre, but the name that got the most attention was a comedian who wasn’t even on the bill.

Dave Chappelle.

Fresh off releasing two of this three Netflix comedy specials, Chappelle appeared on stage during Rock’s set, surprising lucky ticket holders in the crowd. Times-Picayune was on hand to give a very limited description of what happened:

“I know I was just here,” Chappelle said to open what became the pair’s 90 minute set, which began with Chappelle striding onstage underneath Rock’s giant logo on a screen above his head. Chappelle sauntered in, one hand grasping a microphone and the other a cigarillo that left a trail of smoke behind him as the audience realized what was happening and roared to its feet.

“Tonight, you are all part of a social experiment. … Stranger things have happened in New Orleans,” Chappelle deadpanned to the audience, which included other celebrities like Tyra Banks and Rosario Dawson.

Although the tour’s press restrictions prevent us from actually explaining much of what the rest of the night was like or anything Rock said, it’s safe to say Trump’s name wasn’t off limits. Or that of adult film star Alexis Texas. Or Rock’s divorce. Or the heat Chappelle caught for certain jokes from his Netflix specials.

The pair of comedians spent much of the night just riffing off each other and laughing at each other’s wisecracks, one of which left Rock spitting a sip of water across the stage as he momentarily lost control in laughter. Still, Chappelle gave his real host enough space for segments of his regular stand-up act to slip in to the show.

Rock and Chappelle have been spotted together a lot in recent months. Back in November, Rock appeared in a Saturday Night Live skit alongside Chappelle, clowning White people’s reaction to Donald Trump winning the Presidential election. This past February they shared the same stage at the Saenger Theatre for shows during NBA All-Star Weekend. They also share some big Netflix checks in common as well. Chappelle inked a $60 million deal for three specials while Rock reportedly signed one for $40 million to deliver two specials.

No word on if they will be taking this “social experiment” on the road.