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During an interview with a Mexican news channel, Cam Newton revealed that he’s actually part Mexican. Who would’ve thunk it?

The 2015 NFL MVP was visiting Monterrey to promote his series of football camps that he’s bringing to Mexico. With soccer being the most popular sport in the country, and the world, Cam said that he hoped to be a global ambassador for the sport he plays and to sprinkle a little “football Americano” around.

In the interview, he also shared a revelation about his racial background. He said he’s Mexican.

Well, actually, he said “I’m Mexico” before correcting himself. “[I’m] Mexican,” he said. “I’m a little bit of everything, African, Mexican, American. Everything,”


Given Cam’s history of race remarks, some may fear that he’s beginning to teeter that same line Tiger Woods and O.J. Simpson did before him. This is the same man who said that America has moved beyond race as a nation and that “we are all the same color.”