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2 Chainz visited the world renown Mr. Miami and sat in on one of his butt surgery procedures, and put it on the internet.

Why 2 Chainz was inside of a butt surgeons office while some unconscious young lady was face down, ass up and under the knife? We don’t know. But let’s relish in how 2 Chainz was kind enough to share his adventure with us. Let’s also appreciate how he stayed in 2 Chainz mode by rocking all of his jewelry in the surgery room as well. Is that sanitary?

In one video he asks the viewing audience to answer a “trap math” equation. He wanted to know how many booties could he pay for if he had “40 bands” and each surgery cost $10,000.

Answer: 4

Pretty Girls Love Trap Music was supposed to come out today, but it has been pushed back to “coming soon..on the way.”