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Queen Latifah has signed on to executive produce and star in a Lifetime movie centered around the ongoing water crisis in Flint, Mich.

The movie will be simply titled Flint and Jill Scott will also co-star. The story will be based on the on the real life crisis, but will specifically borrow from TIME Magazine’s 2016 cover story “The Toxic Tap.”

Deadline reports:

It follows the true story of three women from Flint who sought justice following the wrongdoing committed against the residents of the city who were unknowingly drinking and using lead-laden water. Their actions inspired a national movement for safe drinking water despite the political powers working against them at every turn. Betsy Brandt, Jill Scott and Marin Ireland will play real-life activists and Latifah will play a fourth resident, fighting to expose the poisoning of the community during the horrific events of the water crisis.

Numerous city managers were hit with criminal charges for their role in the water contamination. Native Michigan Hip-Hop artists ranging from Eminem to Big Sean also donated money, resources, and supplies to help those in need. Beyonce, Pusha T and Russell Simmons were among the many who also offered a helping hand.

As of January 2017, the lead in Flint’s water was reportedly under the federal limit for the first time since the outbreak occurred in 2014.