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Aries Spears was talking ish during a radio interview, and caught a fade in the process. The comedian got punched repeatedly, and of course video of the incident has made it onto the Internets. 

Reports TMZ:

The incident went down during the ‘Corey Holcomb 5150’ online radio show. One of the co-hosts, Zo Williams, got into it with Aries, and then it got real racial. Aries went off on a jag about “light-skinned n****s” being loud.

That’s when it got physical with Zo throwing the first punch. Actually, he threw all of ’em.

Sources tell us Zo and his co-hosts were fed up with Spears being rude. In the video, Spears said he was drunk during the show. After the incident he dismissed Zo as a “bitch n***a” … on Twitter.

You weren’t saying that on the show, though, Mr. Spears.

In the clip Aries threatens to throw hands, but ends up covering up as he catches multiple blows to the head.

Peep the fade delivery below.

Photo: TMZ