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Kobe Bryant might have sailed off into the sunset and settling well into basketball retirement en route to a definite first-ballot NBA Hall of Fame entry. However, the “Mamba” still has some tricks up his sleeve and showed off some little-known comic chops after delivering a poem inspired by sitcom nerd, Steve Urkel on The Tonight Show.

Just when we thought Bryant would be off playing with his daughters and traveling the world with his wife, Vanessa, who knew that the Los Angeles Lakers great also excelled in spoken word? After Fallon introduced the b-ball wizard to raucous applause, Bryant, decked out in all Black like a beatnik poet, delivered a comically convincing performance that praised the Family Matters‘ geeky protagonist.

We won’t give it all away by transcribing the poem. Instead, open your ears and feast on Kobe Bryant deliver some smooth Steve Urkel-inspired spoken word and try to keep a straight face while doing so. Do you think Kobe has a second career in him?

Hit this link to check out Bryant’s full spot on The Tonight Show and find out what he’s been doing since he’s been away from the court.

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