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Monday just got a little longer for Katy Perry‘s PR team. Old tweets have surfaced accusing her of using the N-word.

The tweets come from record producer Mano who is largely known for producing The Weeknd‘s hit “The Hills” as well as handful of tracks from his Starboy album. Mano first brought up Perry’s language back in 2013 when he said he kept calling him and his friends “n*ggas,” while they were all in Paris.

He made mention of it again back in 2015.

Now, two years later while Perry is catching hell for seemingly comparing cutting off her Black hair to Barack Obama leaving the White House, Mano is sharing more details. Sure, the timing is more than perfect. But to Mano’s defense, he’s been talking about this for years now but no one listened. What all of this actually means about Perry’s character remains to be seen. But still, it’s not a good look.

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