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Uncle Ben Carson, token Negro of the Cheeto Trump cabinet was heard talking today (May 24), and that was unfortunate. The housing and urban development secretary said that poverty is essentially a “state of mind.” 

Carson told this foolishness to Armstrong Williams on SiriusXM Radio.

“I think poverty to a large extent is also a state of mind,” said Carson. “You take somebody that has the right mindset, you can take everything from them and put them on the street, and I guarantee in a little while they’ll be right back up there.”

We’re going to assume Carson meant working a 9 to 5 instead of flipping birds, but that’s neither here nor there.

He did add, “And you take somebody with the wrong mindset, you can give them everything in the world, they’ll work their way right back down to the bottom.”

Thank you captain obvious. But what of a kid born into poverty? Will thinking happy thoughts put a hot meal in their stomach? Will mind power will aways systemic racism?

This is where we remind you that Carson referred to African slaves as “immigrants.” 

Needless to say, Twitter was quick to point out how tone deaf and asinine Carson’s commentary was. See the best of it below and on the following pages.


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