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Young Thug enters Lil Wayne Rebirth territory with his new album Beautiful Thugger Girls.

Thugger has never shied away from his obvious Lil Wayne influences. He’s called him his favorite rapper, borrowed one of his album titles and now he’s dropped his own experimental album just like him too.

From the sound down to the cover, Thug’s Beautiful Thugger Girls reminds you of the energy surrounding Lil Wayne’s 2010 album Rebirth.

Where Wayne attempted to go in a rock direction, Thug dives head first into his melodies and weaves between EDM, pop and dancehall sounds. The most attention-grabbing moment comes with the intro track “Family Don’t Matter” where makes a country song, “yeehaw” included. While there is plenty of street talk, there is some truth here as well, especially on songs like “Daddy’s Birthday” where he talks about fathering six children. Most of the album is about what he can do to his “beautiful thugger girls” in the bedroom though.

Listen for yourself below.