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Last week’s acquittal of Minnesota cop Jeronimo Yanez for the murder of Philando Castile had everyone up in arms asking, What does it take to get justice for the death of innocent Black men at the hands of police?

Like most of us, Michael B. Jordan has been feeling the frustration since the verdict was announced and took to his IG page to express himself and vent.

“They want us to feel helpless & right now I feel it. How do we unify? Where do we turn? What do we do? How do we fight? How do we stand? I don’t have the answers but I know I’m going to be a part of the change, and not just today, everyday until we see real change… I am Philando Castile.”

The atrocious yet predictable outcome of the Philando Castile case has become the latest example of how society and the powers that be regard the value of Black lives. As the Fruitvale Station actor’s post points out, there has yet to be a conviction for the many killings of unarmed Black men and women at the hands of police.

In a recent post by Philando Castile’s mother, she too vented about the situation and sent a message to the police. Given how things unfolded, who could blame her?


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