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Maybe alleged POTUS Donald Trump is finally listening to his lawyers? Anyway, the Cheeto In Chief took to Twitter today (June 22) to finally admit that he never did have any recording of former head of the FBI James Comey. 

You may recall Comey is the guy Trump fired for having the nerve to investigate Russia’s tampering in the USA’s Presidental elections and whether or not Trump’s campaign was involved.

Back in May, La Naranja let this Twitter fart fly.

The things is, only the most devout Cheeto stans actually believed he had recordings. After letting his press flunkies be vague about the existence of recording, and even mentioning them again, the truth has finally been revealed.


Due to the correct usage of grammar and the lack of exclamation points, we’re not holding our breath that Cheeto actually wrote these tweets himself.

Stay woke.