Killer Mike‘s mother, affectionately known as “Mama Niecy,” has passed away.

The Atlanta-rapper and one-half of Run The Jewels shared the news with his fans and social media followers on Thursday.

His caption read:

My mother has transitioned to be with our ancestors. All those who believe as I do know energy cannot be destroyed only transformed. I pray she is with our elders in someway and that peace and harmony follow them wherever their souls may roam. I love u Denise with all my heart and soul i do! Your children are successful, your house is in order. Your legacy is intact. You are the reason I know with no doubt in my heart My God is A Black Woman. Goodbye Mom. Salutes “Mama Niecy”

Followers of Mike’s music and interviews are well aware of the special bond they shared. He has rapped and talked about how he learned how to hustle from his mother before he learned how to from any of his friends in the streets, especially on songs like “Body Rock.” Mike has also proudly revealed the many things they have in common, as seen in a 2012 interview with NOISEY.

See more of Mike’s online tributes to his mother below.

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Niecy (mom), Mike, Shirley (Cuzzin, BF, God mom). This is one of my fav pics of my Mommy. She was stunningly beautiful. She was fly AF. She was a Goddess whose skin was a brilliant beautiful black. Her weird colored eyes were like marbles in the sunlight they danced like precious jewels. She was drop dead fine and could freeze a room with a walk in. All that and she was an artist. Her floral arrangements we grand and beautiful. Her eye for design dead on. She was a creative. She was a pot smoking free love supporter. She was Respected in the community and every where we went. I'm lucky she decided and choose to have me while still a student at Frederick Douglass High School. I sat in her belly as she sat in class. I believe I learned to love learning becuz of that. She keep my head straight when the streets wanted to keep me. She prepared me to escape unhurt and no criminal record. She was a warrior queen. She was my example of true spirit and determination. She taught me to GRIND and never wait for another man to feed me. When any one celebrates me I know they are in fact celebrating the job she did as a leader teaching me to be one as well. I love u girl. I love u sooooooo much. We talked about this day and now I'm here and I hear U saying "you're a man Michael and it's your job to take care of your family, man. So do it". Yes mam baby. Yes mam. #MamaNiecy we love u. Thank u for preparing Me, LaShunda & Lovie for this day.

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