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Homophonic rapper Lil Boosie is upset. The Baton Rouge rapper went on an extended rant where he expressed anger at people having the nerve to take heed of Jay-Z rallying against corny Instagram poses. 

Boosie took to Instagram Stories to speak his piece on Hove calling out rappers who hold stacks of money to their ear like it’s a phone. So of course, it got recorded and is now making the rounds on the Internets.

“Okay, if Jay-Z says go suck a d*ck, is you gonna suck a d*ck,” asked Boosie, rhetorical.

Apparently, “Louisiana n*ggas don’t rock like that,” per Boosie.

For what it’s worth, Boosie was adamant that he’s not dissing Jay-Z. However, in Louisiana, Florida and other such places, money to the ear is king.

That is all. Peep the full spiel below.