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The show runners of HBO‘s hit drama Game Of Thrones might want to rethink going full steam ahead on their upcoming show, Confederate, which depicts that the South won the American Civil War. Set in modern times and featuring slavery never being outlawed, Twitter took aim in an epic wave of backlash.

Amazingly, it wasn’t just the powerful Black Twitter collective that banded together in protest of the series. A quick glance at the trending topics and discussions on the social media network reveals that folks across all walks of life are suggesting that such a show could give rise to already tense race relations in the nation.

The announcement for Confederate happened earlier this week (July 19), with a press release on HBO’s Medium page explaining the impetus of the show. The premise is that the South and its stranglehold on slavery remains intact and will focus on the struggles on both sides of the Mason-Dixon Line.

Today (July 20), the uproar over the decision to bring the show to life has been growing in number and continues well into this evening. We’ve collected some of the various responses from Twitter below and on the following pages. You can also follow the action on Twitter here.

What do you think about HBO’s decision to greenlight a show like this? Bad idea? Is Twitter right or overreacting? Sound off in the comments section.

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