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Did Solange inspire the title to Jay-Z’s latest cult classic album, 4:44? Apparently Hip-Hop conspiracy theorists (yes, they do exist) are beginning to say that very well may be the case.

With crazy rumors flying around like 4:44 is really 666 upside down (a nod to Jay-Z’s rumored crew, The Illuminati), Solange being the reason for 4:44 isn’t really that far out the realm of reality.

While Jay-Z maintains that he woke up at 4:44 a.m. to lay down the album’s title track, Twitter user @StephenOssola might’ve blown up the spot when she pointed out that the Solange put hands on Jigga at the Le Bain nightclub in New York City – conveniently located at 444 W 13th Street.

In other words Solange may very well be the muse for some of the best music that’s come out in the past year and change (Lemonade, A Seat At The Table, 4:44).

Would Jay-Z actually name his “I’m Sorry” album after the building in which Solange G-checked him? Fans – and haters – are beginning to warm up to that idea as it would only add another layer of mystique to the album that’s helped solidify Jay-Z’s standing in Hip-Hop history.

Truth be told, it’s a much more satisfying explanation than the whole waking up in the middle of the night thing.

Jay would never admit something like that, though.

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