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Seems like his former love in Hip-Hop got Safaree Samuels all in his feelings. While he plays the part of the ladies man (or ladies punching bag to others) on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, Safaree can’t seem to extinguish the flame that burns for he ex-wifey, Nicki Minaj tweeting, “nicki you were supposed to have my child.. I can’t believe this is life.”

Well, that came out of left field. The tweet has since been deleted but people tend to forget that screenshots live forever.

Could it be a coincidence that this statement comes on the heels of Meek Mills admitting that Nicki was “the one” on Power 99?

The man who many say stole Nicki from Safaree admitted, “I always wanted Nicki my whole life. I used to talk… I had to rap about it. I bagged that… That was a win, of course.”

Meek added, “Yeah, breaking up with anybody you love is a loss. Period.”

Some are saying there’s the chance that Safaree’s post is part of MTV’s new show Safe Word, where celebrities take part in all kinds of dares. While that could be a possibility it seems kind of extra to mention having children with an ex-girlfriend.

But if you’ve seen Safaree’s antics on Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood, you’d know the Brooklyn rapper is capable of jumping out the window at a moment’s notice without thinking things through.

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