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The latest episode of Power (Season 4, episode 6) went left real quick, with epic moments that will be felt for the rest of the season. Major Spoilers below. You have been warned!

Tommy finally meets the Chicago connect. Jason Micic introduces himself, and quickly makes it known who’s the real boss.

He instructs Tommy to cut all ties with Ghost. Tommy, experiencing Felipe Lobos Deja Vu, makes it clear that he won’t kill Ghost, but will disassociate as requested. During a Chicago style celebration, Tommy waxes poetic on killing Milan, thanking Micic for approving the hit. Micic looked to return the favor, by drugging Tommy and driving him to the middle of nowhere to end his life!

Petar, surprisingly in Chicago too, informs Micic that Tommy killed Milan on his own accord without approval. A classic Power double cross, Tommy pleads his case, as Petar was there when Milan died and knew of the plan. Who would Micic believe? Asking his companion Tatiana to make the call, they kill Petar as Tommy was more believable. Now Tommy can possibly run operations in New York and Los Angeles, while staying alive.


Photo: Starz

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