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Slim Thugg and Rick Ross Beef Over Twitter

It seems as if Twitter is the place for artists to start airing out issues.

Over the weekend, Houston rapper Slim Thugg had some choice words for Maybach CEO Rick Ross after listening to Ross’s song “King Boss”, Thugg had some questions for Rozay.

Via Twitter, Slim tweets:

“Just threw @rickyrozay cd out the roof of the coupe haters get no play in my ride.”

For all of the followers that decided to go in on Ross, Slim said:

“Naw yall ain’t gotta stop Fawking wit him for me I just heard what he had to say about me so if u dnt Fawk wit me I dnt Fawk wit u #datsall.”

Before taking it to Twitter, Slim Thugg states that he addressed the issue with Ross previously and received no response.

“I reached out ask if it was a diss if it was old he shoulda just said dat but no response to me mean he still feel like dat.”

Although Ross never responded to Slim Thugg personally, he did have this to say via his Twitter:

“realniggas pick up phones..a boss would kno better!!#trillShyte “

In addition to Ross responding, Maybach Music artist and Triple C member Torch weighed in on the situation.

“PPL Beefing or Airing there Dirty Laundry out on Twitter is NOT Kool!! Everytime I’ve Said Something was A “Response”

“Not U2 @slimthugga aka Slim Sukka I Promise this”

Although his initial issue was with Rick Ross, Slim did let Torch know that he needed to stay in his lane.

“I wasn’t talking bout the HELP I got mo money then u and gunplay put 2gether”

“ Gnr where yall maybachs at I’m thru talking bout it this Shyte goofy I’m fighting a case right now over clown Shyte like this.”

SMH, what’s crazy is the two of them were on a pretty dope track together, although it was collaboration for Cuntri Boi, it was still dope…can’t we all just get a long?