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A 21-year-old Florida man has been charged with trespassing after posing as a middle school student in order to play youth football.

According to youth league and district officials Julious Threatts, 21, used the name Chad Johnson to register for a Tampa Youth Football League comprised of 13 and 14 year-olds, on August 21.

The following Tuesday, Threats attempted enroll in local Webb Middle School under the same alias telling administrators he was homeless.

According to school officials, a social worker was called in and Threatts was then moved into an office when his cell phone rang. When administrators answered the poser’s cell; his mother was on the line and revealed the man’s identity.

In addition to the trespassing charge, he also is being held on charges of violating probation in a 2009 burglary case.

According to one youth league coach, this is not the first time Threatts has tried to pull this stunt. He apparently tried to pose as an adolescent the previous year on another area football team.

Ray McCloud, the athletic director of the youth team Threatts recently attempted to join says,

“This guy had us all fooled. I mean this guy acted just like a little kid. Everything about him was a little kid. He’s a total scam artist.”

This is the second time this year that an adult caught posing as a youth has landed in the national headlines. In May, 22-year-old former Fort Lauderdale basketball standout Guerdwich Montimere was arrested after police said he posed as a 16-year-old boy playing on a Texas high school team.