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Whoever invited Omarosa Manigault to the National Association of Black Journalists conference better do some soul searching. The former reality star and Cheeto Trump ride or die’s presence has gone as expected, completely off the rails.

A quick perusal of Twitter finds “Omarosa” trending for all the wrong reasons.

So far, attendees have turned their back on Manigault as she sat on a panel.

She also got into it with Ed Gordon on stage.

Apparently, Manigault took issue with being asked about Cheeto’s stand on police brutality instead of her brother, who reportedly murdered in “a lover’s quarrel” and father who was murdered when she was a child. The nerve. Especially since the panel’s subject was…police brutality.

And, of course, there’s the continued, “Why would you invite such a reviled figure to an NABJ conference in the first place?” slander.

Peep the reactions to today’s NABJ and Omarosa fail below and on the following pages.

Ahh yes, the finger pointing has begun.


Photo: screen cap

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