Killer Mike recently signed a partnership with Grand Hustle and T.I. for the release of his next solo project.  But in the middle of the signing, many people were speculating about his “Fire Your Boos” slogan which he preaches on his independent releases.  Killer recently cleared up the talk with and stated,

“I still am doing it independently.  I got Underground Atlanta dropping September 1st.  People have to understand that a lot of times rap people are too dumb for their own good and we acknowledge that but even more times a lot of rap people are too smart for their own good.  When I did The Tip deal, a lot of people were like what happened to saying, ‘Fire your boss.’  I saw that on the blogs but if you listen to what Tip first talked about what we was doing, he said, “It’s gone be some type of partnership and dealings.  It wasn’t,  hey I’mma sign this old dude and give him a break because I knew him from back in the day and our grandmas lived close.

Being able to put out Pledge Allegiance To The Grind 1 and 2 and this Underground Atlanta project  on my own and to be a motivated self moving machine is what attracted him to me besides the fact  that I can rap good and we know each other  and we can do good business.  So I look at it like you take a Google in its infancy and watch it now and then it got bought.  A MySpace or a Twitter so I’mma be honest with you, I fired my bad boss and I got a great partner now.  Because of their ability to get songs out is there.  The enthusiasm about rap, the people who are still touring, the young energy that’s in the building so with me it was a straight advantage.  So I’m not telling you when I tell you to fire your boss, I’m not saying not to engage in good business.”

Killer Mike will be releasing Underground Atlanta through his label Grindtime Official with distribution with SRC/Fontana.  The compilation project is a vehicle to showcase Atlanta’s underground and independent scene and features such artists as T.I., Gucci Mane, OJ da Juice Man, Pastor Troy, Princess of Crime Mob, Yung Ralph, Big Kuntry King, Young Dro, Stat Quo, Bobby Creekwater, Da Bill Collector, and Dem Getaway Boyz.  Speaking of the project, Mike stated, “This is an Atlanta record.  There is not just one type of Atlanta artist featured. This record is the ATL experience, welcome to Atlanta baby 4 REAL!”

Killer also wanted to further drive home the point of doing for yourself and not relying on a “boss” if you want  to progress above the norm.  Breaking down his comments further, he added,

“I’m saying if you are only an employee, that’s not good enough!  If you don’t have something that self sustains you then that’s not good enough.  And I’m talking about on the most basic of levels.  If you work for General Motors and you don’t do mechanic work on the side, you don’t do body work on the side or flip old used cars… At the point that General Motors decides to lay you off, you become nothing again.

So I’m just saying to insure that you are going to remain the bread winner for your seeds and your family, you have to insure.  My momma hustled, owned her own business and did hair.    So the fire your boss mentality is about you not being an indentured servant and a sharecropper and having something on your own.  Even someone who works 10 acres for a farmer should have 2 of their own. So I meant what I said. Fire your boss,  that’s still relevant but along with that do good business. “

Stay tuned to Hip-Hop Wired as Killer goes a lot more deeper in his upcoming feature.   Here is the tentative tracklisting for the album.

Disc 1

1.  Oh Yeah (featuring Yung Ralph)

2.  Put On (featuring Dem Get Away Boyz)

3.  My City

4.  Bankroll (featuring AK)

5.  I Be On It (featuring Trillville)

6.  Imma Fool Wit It (featuring Big Kuntry King)

7.  I’d Rather Be With You

8.  Ham (featuring Scrilla & S.L. Jones)

9.  The Eastside (featuring Da Backwudz)

10.  In The Kitchen (featuring OJ Da Juiceman)

11.  Get Your Cash Up (featuring Dre, Jay City & Slimm Calhoun)

12.  Hold Up (featuring S.L. Jones)

13.  Ni**az Down South (Remix) (featuring T.I. & UGK)

Disc 2

1.  Stuntin (featuring Princess of Crime Mob)

2.  Freaky Girl (featuring Travis Porter)

3.  Wait For U (featuring Tamara J)

4.  Trunk (featuring Gucci Mane)

5.  I’m Talking To You (Featuring BoneCrusher, Bobby Creekwater & Manishman)

6.  Coming True

7.  My Money (featuring Rick Ross)

8.  Pushing Haters To The Side

9.  Generation Lost (featuring B.o.B.)

10.  Grind Time (featuring Da Bill Collector, Gangsta Pill & S.L. Jones)

11.  Bunkin’

12.  Whatever (featuring Yung L.A.)

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