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Angie Martinez didn’t become the “The Voice of New York” overnight. The Brooklyn native put in years of work before being a Hip-Hop radio icon. She recently sat down with the Complex Blueprint series to discuss her monumental come up and more.

With a parent in the radio business Angie developed an interest in broadcasting at a very early age. “I remember growing up and hearing my mother say things [like] ‘Oh these jocks, I hate when they love the sound of their own voice.’ I had that insight of the other side of radio as a kid because I always heard that from her” she explained.

Martinez also details her professional entry into the game as an intern for Power 96 Miami. The opportunity didn’t come via a job interview but rather as a second chance to get her teenage years in order after developing a habit of not attending school. “My mother found out eventually and she shipped me to Miami.”

Ang also credits Funkmaster Flex as the one who gave her the first shot at airtime when she was his board operator saying “he would get on the mic and he wasn’t really comfortable so he would wind up talking to me.”

The original Butter Pecan Rican also talks ultimately leaving HOT97, writing her first book and drops multiple jewels on how to advance one’s brand. A definite must watch for any fan of the culture.

You can peep the twenty minute plus interview in its’ entirity below.

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Photo: Complex / David Cabrera