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A shootout in Downtown Brooklyn between two men from rival crews left a gang member without, well, his member.

According to DNAInfo the penis of alleged gang member Tysheen Gott fell victim to gunfire that erupted inside of Rico Chimi Restaurant in Woodhaven Queens back in 2015.So far the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office

So far, the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office has hit nine members of the Ocean Hill Houses Loot Gang with a 69-count indictment for murder, attempted murder, gang assault, gun possession, and conspiracy amongst other crimes.

Kind of ironic that a man loses his penis to gang violence and the alleged assailants get hit with a 69-count indictment, but we digress.

To his credit (in some circles), Gott (who wasn’t charged) did not cooperate with investigators even though he was allegedly shot five times by 25-year-old Dylan Cruz inside the fast-food joint.

However, a video released of the shooting shows the moment of the incident and reveals that Gott pulled an innocent bystander into the mix to use as a human shield. The woman was struck with three bullets meant for Gott.

The blood feud between the two rival crews has so far left 1 dead and 13 people injured.

The lone death came in August 12 of 2016 when 22-year-old John Jay college student Terrell Henry was killed in Bushwick after gunman Qunicy Vital took him for a rival gang member due to the color of his shorts.

While police in Brooklyn continue to make arrests related to gang violence it’s done little to keep the beef from cooking during the hot summer months as social media has provided a platform for the rivals to continuously taunt each other.

To date police have arrested more than a dozen members of both the Loot Gang and their rivals, the Bushwick-based crew True Bosses Only.

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