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Drake has been seen pumping iron before over the course of his career and has bulked up considerably since his early days. After posting a workout photo on his Instagram page, gym bros have been clowning the Canadian superstar by saying the photo looked to be staged.

In the photo, Drake looks to be in the throes of a workout complete in an OVO basketball jersey numbered with “6” as a nod to his hometown of Toronto. With a pair of dumbbells in his hands, Drizzy appeared to be ready to hit some curls but the bros weren’t having it.

“Light dumbbell is for women go lift some heavy weight,” wrote someone named doctor_muscle.

“Buffing up for xxxtentacion,” wrote another user.

“Lmao this is gold. Like ya take a pic of me holding up these weights bro , yea that’s tight hahahah,” added one more detractor.

For the most part, however, the 6 God got love for his flick, especially from the ladies. There were also some weird responses regarding his connection to Houston and if he’s intending to aid Hurricane Harvey victims, something he actually announced on the page just a bit ago.

Photo: Instagram