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Fans the world over were gripped with fear when pro wrestling icon Ric Flair was hospitalized in August for an unknown but apparently serious illness. Proving that you can’t pin the Nature Boy to the mat that easily, the sneaker head posted a video wearing a t-shirt that signals very clearly that it’s going to take more than a harrowing hospital visit to take him out.

TMZ reports:

The legendary wrestler just posted a video — while wearing an incredible t-shirt — to all his fans saying he’s “back up and running.”

This is the first time Ric’s spoken in person since his medical emergency hospitalized him on August 11, although he did tweet last week that he’d be back.

Naitch made good on his promise just a few days later with this epic promo thanking all his fans for the love and support … and promising to see everyone very soon.

Okay, everyone at the same time, let’s give Ric Flair a “WHOO!” for old time’s sake.

Photo: screen cap