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Kevin Hart‘s personal life is a complete wreck after he took to video to apologize for his infidelity, sparking many to connect a hatched extortion plot to one Monique “Momo” Gonzalez. The Miami singer is claiming that she is not at the center of the money grab, and now a traveling stripper by the name of Montia Sabagg is the woman in question.

As reported by TMZ, Gonzalez, who was seen in a car speaking with Hart over the summer which first sparked the cheating rumors, says that she and the comedian just had a friendly conversation. With heavy speculation, many associated a leaked sex video and extortion plot to Gonzalez but the outlet has uncovered an even stranger twist.

TMZ reports:

Kevin Hart partied with a woman — who is now at the center of the sexually explicit video — for an entire weekend last month, and we’ve learned she’s a stripper who hits up whatever clubs she can book.

Her name is Montia Sabbag, although she sometimes spells it Montiah Sabagg. She’s 27, lives in Long Beach, CA and met Kevin during a pretty wild weekend in Vegas back in August.

The first frames of the 4 minute and 47 second video are a pic of Kevin and Montia. You can’t see who’s on the bed during the most explicit portion of the tape, but after the bed scene 2 people who look like Kevin and Montia are walking around in various stages of undress.

Adding to all of these new developments is Sabagg claiming she’s not trying to extort Hart and that she doesn’t know who taped their sex romp. Hart’s legal went after Sabagg, who countered with her own lawyers and demanded $420,000 to sit and take a lie detector test to back up her claim she had nothing to do with the taping of the video.

Investigators are working diligently to crack encrypted emails sent by the extortionist, who was seeking $15 million.

Photo: screen cap/TMZ