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Martina Big, a former air hostess in Germany who first made headlines for her saline-injected breasts, has now “transitioned” from a white woman to a Black woman. The glamour model was a guest on the Maury show breaking down the hows and whys of her decision to alter her genetic makeup.

As reported by RadarOnline, Big shared with host Maury Povich that she used some manner of injections into her abdomen that altered her skin tone because she was no longer happy being a white woman.

Initially, Big, who was a natural 32D, underwent a series of surgeries to her face and body to the living doll look she’s going for now. Big said that she first began the surgeries to look more like her idol, Pamela Anderson.

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“It’s better to be black, the feeling inside is just happier,” she said in the bizarre video.

Big became obsessed with plastic surgery and while she was still trying to become Pamela Anderson, she underwent a breast augmentation, liposuction and a nose job.

Later, when she decided she now wanted to be black, she got hair plugs and extensions to have voluptuous black curly hair.

As she voiced her controversial views and reasoning behind her skin color change on The Maury Show, audience members fired back. The host himself told her “[being black] is not just skin-deep.”

Adding to the weirdness of it all, Big says her husband has also received the mysterious injections and now considers himself “half” Black.


Sady enough, she makes Rachel Dolezal seem almost normal.

Watch Martina Big explain her odd decision to go Black on Maury in the clip below.

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