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Donald Trump’s words at an Alabama rally Friday night (Sept. 22) for Sen. Luther Strange was a chance for the former business mogul to attack not only Black athletes but anyone who dares to stand against inequality and oppression. In a classic abuse of power, the President of the United States effectively declared war on the nation’s citizens and their freedom to peacefully demonstrate or criticize its leaders, even as they prove themselves to have the decency of a pile of dust.

“Get that son of a b*tch off the field right now. – President Donald Trump”

While most world leaders use public airtime to address important issues or to rally a positive cause, Trump opened his speech in Alabama Friday by blasting peacefully protesting NFL players then adding false motives to their gesture.

Time and again, Colin Kaepernick and others have explained that the protest is aimed at calling attention to police brutality, the lack of equal rights, and injustices many people of color face in this nation. For Trump and others to frame the protests as a dig at patriotism and the military helps stoke the very fires of the woefully ignorant flock that managed to get him elected. It’s cowardly. It’s low. It cheapens the what being president should stand for.

Instead of speaking in loving support of those affected by the storms in Puerto Rico or other pertinent matters, Twitter Fingers Trump used this Saturday morning to snatch away an invite to the White House to the Golden State Warriors that apparently never existed. Reacting to Warriors All-Star Stephen Curry’s Friday comments that he’d vote “no” if Trump and his cronies actually had the stones to invite them, the tweet was yet another childish response from the petulant Commander-in-Chief.

Trump using his powerful platform to hurl threats, insults, and whip his base into a frenzy of misguided negativity does nothing but prove the fact why athletes and entertainers have turned to speaking out, as ESPN anchor Jemele Hill did recently. The criticism Trump has received and the protests around the country aren’t happening for unsubstantiated reasons. America has a race problem, and instead of calling out so-called sons of b*tches for made-up reasons, perhaps Trump needs to take a look in the mirror to realize who the real son of a b*tch is.