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Last week, the “For Tha D*ck” challenge kicked off and we’re having the hardest time trying to figure its origin, but it appears a video of a woman freestyling with a friend on the way to an “appointment” started the craze. With videos of impromptu freestyles popping up across social media, Erykah Badu and Michael Blackson‘s version of the challenge might be the highest profile entry yet.

The concept of the challenge is pretty simple. Over a simple trap beat and other instrumentals, folks are dropping random bars over what they will or will not do for the eggplant or the cat with hilarious results. Badu’s verse is, in a word, random but effective for what the challenge is all about.

“I ain’t doin’ sh*t for the dick/Lean lick for the d*ck/You bump my “Window Seat” for the d*ck/F*ck it, I’ll eat meat for the d*ck,” Badu says in her opening lines. Blackson, completely in character, joins in with, “Not smart for that p*ssy/She not my wife, Kevin Hart for that p*ssy/I’ll eat pork for that p*ssy/Skip court for that p*ssy.”

Forgive us for if we flubbed any lines here, but it’s pretty difficult to capture the rapid-fire flames they’re spitting. And while all of this is barely making any sense to us, it does seem to have legs online as a Facebook and Twitter page dedicated to the “For The D*ck Challenge” are live and bubbling. There’s also plenty of struggle bars too but that’s to be expected.

Check out Erkah Badu & Michael Blackson’s “For That D*ck/For That P*ssy” challenge clip below. Hit the flip to see some of the other versions of the challenge.

Photo: screen cap

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