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Here’s some info that will elicit little sympathy. The members of NYPD’s infamous Hip-Hop police unit were rarely promoted according to a lawsuit. 

A number of former, Black detectives have sued the NYPD, alleging that they were routinely passed over for promotions in favor of their white counterparts.

NY1 reports that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) found that the black detective were discriminated against. And now they want their coins, and are suing for it

After a lengthy investigation, the EEOC did determine that the black detectives were discriminated against, victims of a “wholly subjective and secret process” that operates without any real guidelines.

Now, the black detectives have filed a federal lawsuit for back-pay and a change in the promotion process.

“You do your best, and you are not acknowledged,” Stephens said. “It makes you feel really unappreciated.”

There is a $30,000 per year difference in salary between a third-grade detective and a higher first-grade. There’s also about $15,000 extra per year in pension payments. 

There’s no exam to become a detective or to be promoted as one. It is based on performance and the discretion of high-ranking supervisors.

“The high ups, primarily white supervisors, who would promote and transfer those who were their friends,” said Elizabeth Saylor, the plaintiffs’ lawyer.

Also, we couldn’t help but not this little caveat.

A lot of the black detectives worked in what was called the rap unit and were responsible for keeping an eye on rappers who were involved in violence. They say the so-called hip-hop police were rarely promoted.

Sounds like the “Hip-Hop police” were treated as tokens.

We do hope any officers who were hated on because of their race do get their proper compensation, though. However, don’t expect any rappers who were wrongly targeted to shed any tears for their struggle.

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