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This past weekend Donald Trump once again proved that unless you’re a Caucasian-American the only right you have is to remain silent. As if berating NFL players for peacefully protesting and calling for their termination for the duration of the weekend wasn’t offensive enough, the “President” also completely ignored devastation that’s turned Puerto Rico from a beautiful island to a disaster zone.

This fact did not go unnoticed by legendary Puerto Rican singer Marc Anthony who didn’t mince words when he took to Twitter to call out the President for his obvious lack of sympathy for his homeland.

And less than 24 hours later the Cheeto-N-Chief finally took the time to address the state of the commonwealth. ,Unfortunately, he also took the opportunity to basically say it was a struggle island anyway. Once again Donald Trump shows his true color and we ain’t talkin’ about orange.

There’s now talk of a mass exodus of Puerto Ricans from the island to the mainland US and should that indeed turn out to be the case expect some more racially motivated Twitter meltdowns from the son of a Klansman who occupies the Oval Office.