Take one look at NBA forward Bobby Portis and it’s evident that you shouldn’t test him. His Chicago Bulls teammate Nikola Mirotic apparently learned this the hard way since he’s currently in the hospital with a broken face. 

According to Yahoo! Sports, Portis and Mirotic got into a shoving match that ended with the former catching the latter with a punch to the face that did enough damage to send him to the hospital.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Mirotic, who just signed a two-year deal, suffered a concussion and several broken bones in his face that will require surgery.

Mirotic is out indefinitely and his injuries will require surgery after the swelling goes down.

No word on what Portis’ punishment will be (him and Mirotic were in competition for the starting spot). Don’t expect homie to be on the team much longer all things considered, though.

We now await the cell phone footage or photos of Mirotic’s face, for archival purposes, of course.

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