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Kitti Jones, a radio DJ from Texas, is the latest woman to come forth with allegations that R. Kelly controlled her every action, sharing appalling details of wild sex romps, and abusive methods of control. Jones shared her story in an explosive interview with Rolling Stone, going over the tumultuous two-year romance that sound similar to other stories that have since come to light.

Jones, who allegedly dated Kelly from 2011 to 2013, considered herself one of the singer’s largest fans and even defended him regarding his sordid rumored past dealings with underage women and the like. Unlike the other young women Kelly had under his spell, Jones was a mother and divorcee of age with a bit of experience in life. However, she says that Kelly’s charm and influence won her over and she too became wrapped up in a seedy underworld that involved sex with other women, being trapped in Kelly’s homes and having her every move monitored.

Rolling Stone exclusively writes:

Asked what she hopes people take away from her experience, Jones speaks in a measured yet defiant tone. “I want them to not be so dismissive towards the women that are speaking out,” says Jones. “We’re not just rolling over out of bed and saying, ‘Hmm, let me just make up a story about R. Kelly today. Let me make it sound similar to something that he’s already been accused of and put my own remix to it just [because] I want some attention.’ [Anyone who has spoken out] has gotten annihilated in the press [and] from fans.

Read Kitti Jones’ harrowing account of her allegedly abusive relationship with R. Kelly by following this link. We must warn that there is harsh language and details that could be triggering for some.