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Meek Mill is looking at almost two years in the bing if things don’t go his way. Today (Nov. 2), the Philly rapper will be facing a judge who will be determining if he violated his parole. 

Reports TMZ:

Meek is going to court Monday for a couple of serious probation violations in his drug and weapons case … he was arrested for fighting at a St. Louis airport in March, and arrested again in August for recklessly driving his motorcycle in NYC.

The judge in the case has already made it clear … one false move and he’ll drop the hammer on Meek. In fact, in 2015 he left Pennsylvania for a gig without getting approval from the court and the judge put him on house arrest.

The 2 recent arrests are even more serious, and if Meek got house arrest for a travel faux pas, he’s in big big trouble now.

Both of the aforementioned cases have been dropped.

However, that doesn’t mean he is in the clear with the judge, who has given Meek plenty of chances to get right.

If he is found guilty of violating his parole, Meek is facing up to 20 months in jail.